Social Skills

Bear Creek Friendship Club

A Communication Skills Group

The Curriculum

The curriculum covers many topics such as: conversation skills, body language, social problem solving, party games, frustration tolerance, conflict resolution, anger management, social greetings, telephone skills, mealtime etiquette, expressing opinions, self-esteem, creative thinking, helping others, reading social situations and more.


Detailed lessons, as wells as naturally occurring situations provide many teaching opportunities. Each class is divided into three periods. The first period is interactive game time with age-appropriate activities to facilitate social interactions. The second period consists of the lesson of the day, during which time the children learn and rehearse appropriate language and behaviors for a variety of situations, through role playing, stories, and games. The third period is a short 15 minute parent training.

Who: Ages: 5-12

Class Size 4- grouped by ages/abilities

Where: Bear Creek Speech Therapy

18500 Suite 201- Woodinville

Who: Kimberley McMichael, M.S., CCC-SLP

Julia McMichael, SLP Assistant

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